Room Details


Rumah Along & Angah (2 pax each; 2 adults):

  • Queen Size Bed
  • Air-conditioner
  • Fridge
  • Television(TV)
  • Toilet Equipped with Water Heater
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Indoor & Outdoor Dining Room
  • Indoor Bathroom
  • Max: 3 People
  • View: Pool
  • Bed: 1 Queen Size

Being the top 2 siblings in a Malay family, Rumah Along & Angah stand out for their unique and spacious design compared to the other siblings in the 6 Beradik units. Every unit comes with indoor bathrooms and outdoor sitting areas. These two wooden houses are situated side by side, each offering distinctive amenities like an outdoor kitchen and a stunning view of the pool. Both houses incorporate an outdoor living area to promote family members mingling outside rather than staying indoors.